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About us

S.E.N.A. srl is the leader company in the inter-regional lines sector in Tuscany.

Sena entered Baltour Group in 2009. Besides the parent company BALTOUR, the group includes SENA, EUROLINES ITALIA and TERMINAL BUS (whose ticket offices are present in the main Italian bus stations, like Rome, Naples, Venice, Turin, Bologna, Milan, Mestre, Padua, Brescia, Siena, Florence). BALTOUR GROUP connects more than nineteen European countries with 500 national and international destinations, covering about 15 millions kilometers and transporting over 4 millions passengers every year.

The inter-regional lines managed by SENA represent the most important north-center-south transport system on the Tyrrhenian axis ever created and set up in Italy;

In coordination with the similar system of interregional lines on the Adriatic axis managed by the parent company Baltour, we created a true "service network" on national basis, heading towards Europe. Such system is unique in Italy for size and widespread coverage, since it runs on all national transportation axes (Tyrrhenian north-center-south; Adriatic north-center-south; Tyrrhenian-Adriatic crossings) and it is principally made to meet internal mobility demand in Italy, as well as to support the international bus network managed by the partner company Eurolines Italia.

Sena was the first Italian transport company to offer low cost rate bus tickets.

It is founding member, together with Baltour, of the first - and so far the only - Italian bus network, that includes 10 of the main companies in the inter-regional lines' sector. With this operation, the Group has created a further important enlargement of its sales and service network, developing also brand-new commercial methods for the first time in Italy, such as Internet and phone sales whose payments are made at the 40.000 Sisal offices spread all around the Country, web selling and SMS selling, and sales performed by thousands of partner travel agents all over Italy.

Sena’s operative office is in Monteriggioni municipality (Siena) and includes bus park with attached gas tank, specialized garage for bus maintenance and emergency rescue, operation office and part of the administrative offices. General Management and central administration are in Teramo, at the company’s registered office, and they are run in coordination with the similar offices of the partner companies Baltour and Eurolines Italia. Baltour Group operates as well in tourist service sector and bus rental sector (providing 9/16/33/51/69 seat buses); it also keeps close cooperation with its partner Eurolines Italia on international lines' management.  Bus fleet includes “very first class” coaches (that means vehicles with the highest quality standards and comforts).

There’s even more: our management launches continuously new programs to keep the company on the cutting edge, and all our staff is composed of highly specialized and trained personnel that works passionately every day to enhance your trips.



Agostino Ballone
Chairman and Managing Director

Antonella Ballone
Board Director

Alessandro Pratesi
Sales Manager

Giselda Bruni
Administrative Coordinator

Gabriele Micochero
Technical Coordinator

Stefano Brizzi
Operation Coordinator

Luca Zavanelli
Human Resources